Guided Elk Hunts – The Easy Way!

By | January 6, 2017

Hunting is a good activity that strengthens the ability of people to catch the wild animal. One kind of animal that is hunted is elk. Elks are mammals that inhabit many forests in our country. Elks almost in all forest areas in our country are starting from the forests of the islands.

The Easy Ways of Guided Elk Hunts

The population is quite high and easy to find. Elks are very sensitive to human beings, so the elk would have avoided if aware of any human presence around them. Although always avoided, yet still elk are often caught by humans who were hunting it with guided elk hunts.

Elk often hunted and captured in order to meet the needs of human consumption. The venison is quite tasty and can be used as an alternative to beef. The fact is what makes hunting elk increasingly widespread, especially for people who live in rural areas that are closer to the forest.

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Elk Hunting – Market Value

Elk hunter usually captures the elk to meet the needs of their own consumption and also for sale to the traditional markets. In the market price of venison is quite expensive, it makes the hunters increasingly eager to catch the elk by using the guided elk hunts. For example, in traditional markets elk is on sale at a price range of 80,000 rupiahs per kg. Venison in these markets is usually supplied by the traditional elk hunters who hunt elk using a special bondage.

Elk hunting using snares is easy and quite successful to catch the elk. The hunters usually snares of elk in the woods and pick locations that often through the elk. Bondage elk made of rope and some other equipment such as wood in the design so as to be able to make elk caught by using the guided elk hunts. In addition to use a traditional snares, some elk hunters also use in more modern ways to capture the elk, among others, using a rifle with live ammunition. The use of rifles for elk hunting has a higher success rate and also an option many hunters.

There are several ways of hunting. One of them is to use dogs. The dogs are released to then look for prey. The hunters will turn on their whistles. If the sound of a whistle or noise is stopped, the hunter had not heard the dogs going back to mistress behind by using the guided elk hunts.

If the hunter is back shouting or blowing a whistle, the dogs will be back chasing a boar. Besides, hunters also use a wire net gabion. This is usually done by modern hunters, using gabion wire mesh along tens of meters and looped in shrubs or bushes presumptive boar’s nest in it.

Then they let go a number of Hounds in the circle area nets to repel wild boar to get out of the nest. After leaving the nest, the Boar will run out of the bush and finally hit the gabion wire mesh that has been placed around the shrubs by using the guided elk hunts.

Typically tens of wild boar living in the grove of shrubs or reeds will be caught all of them alive.

Using a rifle is also good idea. Modern people today are using a hunting rifle to shoot the boar pests. They usually drive off the road at night with the lights or similar-sized flashlight battery by using the batteries, and then around the meadows or areas where many wild boar. If they see a bunch of wild boar is passing or foraging, then Dorr!

Rifle in hand would bark and issue a hot lead that hit the body of Boar by using the guided elk hunts. Animals hunted usually loaded onto the car and then taken home by the time the hunt has finished or before the early morning.

Elk Hunting – Ying Conclusion

However, there is also a hunter that is just sitting on top of a large tree to care for wild pigs that pass underneath. The hunt wild boar with a large tree climbing is usually the case in the forests on the island of Java where the forests in Java always overgrown with large trees and dense so that the car can not move through the forest. Their vehicles are usually deposited in nearby township residents by using the guided elk hunts.