How To Survive When Hiking Mountains?

By | January 5, 2017

Always remember that a thing to consider when someone hike the mountain is the probability of getting hypothermia. You have to maintain your body temperature so that you cannot get hypothermia. If its is possible, bring something you only need and it is useful. You are not suggested to bring too many things because it just makes you easily get tired. You should avoid that situation because you should save your energy.

Mountain Hiking Survival

Bring jacket or blanket to keep you warm on mountain temperature. You should survive and stay survive. What is another thing that you cannot leave? You should bring stoves and cattle if it is possible. keep your body warm. You can make hot tea or coffee when the place is possible for you to do it. not only it, you also have to eat. It is better to bring instant food so that you can prepare it quickly. How about making noodle?

Well, it is a great idea! However, the nutrient of it is not as much as you eat fruits and vegetables. If you have the mini juicer or mini cooler box, you can put fruits and vegetables on it and have the great meals. You can make the sandwich too to build your energy again. Is there any something you have to concern very well? Sure! You really need to bring medicine and wound treatment.

What is it?

Alcohol, bandage, and iodine can be the most important things that will help you when yo get injured. Many things can happen, so it is better for you to make a perfect preparation. Do you need more clothes? If you think you need it, you can bring it just in case because you have to avoid something wet.

Mountain Hiking – Rain

Is it important to bring the raincoat? Well, this is the best thing to ask because many people forget to bring and prepare it. You can use jacket but the thickness of your jacket will have no meaning without the rain coat. It is better to bring the rainy coat rather than bring an umbrella. It is more practical and can be used simply. Do you think you need more than it?

The hat can help you too from something bad happened from the top of the mountain. You also can use gloves, so you can hike very well and easy. You have to bring map too. You should know the right direction to go. Watch out and keep with your team because when everything goes alone will make a higher risk than you are together.

Mountain Hiking – Flashlight

How about the flashlight? You must really need it. it depends on what time you will hike the mountain, but this thing always becomes something important to bring. You can use the head light, so your hands keep free from bringing everything. You also can handle everything well because your hands are free. What is another thing you cannot forget to bring?

Keep in your mind that everything has risks. To minimize the risks, you can keep together with your team and you can share the things to bring with your team. Therefore, when everyone can bring the necessary things only and it is not too heavy, the time to hike the mountain can be minimized.

Follow the rule and the guideline to hike the mountain. You cannot be someone who is the cleverest. Sharing and discussing are the two main points you have to consider. Keep in your mind that it is team work. Everything can happen like the falling rocks and you will need another’s help. What are you waiting for in preparing everything? Make sure you know the approximately time and the direction when you climb the mountain. Find something from someone who already has been hiked the mountain.

You can ask the expert about it. do not forget to watch your shoes. It needs the special shoes when you want to hike. It should cover your full foot and make sure you use the shocks. It is not only will avoid you from hypothermia, but it is also will help you to stay safe from any material from the mountain that can hurt your leg. Use long shirt and long pant when you want to hike because indirectly it helps you to avoid any injured.

Mountain Hiking – Conclusion

Remember to bring an additional plastic bag to put your shoes when it goes wet. However, it is better if you can use the waterproof shoes. Remember that hike the mountain is something with the high risk. You have to be careful on it. All you have to do is keep the teamwork. You should know the characteristic of the mountain yo wants to hike. You can read about it first whether it is volcanoes or just a normal mountain. You have to consider the great time to hike it.